Star Wars Firestorm

Imperial Holonet News, Peth Sector Edition, Volume D285-07

Galactic Standard Date 19/07/04 F.C.

The Only News You Need: HOLONET NEWS. Our top story tonight: Tense negotiations between Imperial authorities and local system governments in the Peth Sector continued today in the wake of Arda-2 Governor Marlen Prie’s decision to become a signatory to the traitorous Corellian Treaty. The Committee for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) issued a statement condemning all acts of open rebellion on Arda-2 and calling for the Emperor to assign a Moff to oversee Peth Sector—as His Majesty has done in more Coreward sectors where the Rebels operate—before law and order break down in the Gordian Reach.

Spokespersons for the governor of Arda-2 continued to express senseless outrage at the unfortunate enforcement raid that ended with the death of an Ardan alien dissident by Imperial Stormtroopers at a planetside refueling station. Captain Tevin Brask of the Eradicator, the commanding officer of the Stormtrooper squad involved in the shooting, reassured Holonet News that the matter is being thoroughly investigated. Preliminary reports indicate that the deceased individual was a known Rebel Alliance operative involved in a conspiracy to commit theft of Imperial property. Imperial Navy forces have deployed to engage other Rebel groups based on intelligence gathered during the raid.


  • Imperial MedCorps doctors remain hard at work in the Botajef system this week as they attempt to quarantine victims of a cellular infection that is ravaging the local shipyard crews. The disease’s incubation period is abnormally long, and doctors on Botajef have advised the entire population to undergo mitochondrial testing to determine if they are carrying the illness. The Botajef chapter of COMPNOR has taken the initiative against the disease’s devastating toll by opening an orphanage to house and rehome the children of those killed by the disease.
  • An Axxilan warehouse owned by the Czerka Corporation was targeted by a group of Rebel dissidents late last night. Single-man craft bombed the warehouse in a brazen disregard for sentient life; a ground-based team of Rebels then looted some 500 tons of Nez Peron produce and grain en route to COMPNOR Rehabilitation Centers from the warehouse. Imperial authorities on Axxila have asked that any citizens with further information about these Rebels or their whereabouts report to a COMPNOR datapost immediately for debriefing, and have promised immunity from all prosecution in exchange for cooperation.
  • A large shipment of bottled water that was distributed from Feriae Junction has been recalled by Peth Sector trade authorities. The water is advertised as originating from natural springs on Maridun, but appears to have been sourced on Ord Cestus, a planet known for nearly impotable water that must be treated before it is consumed by non-native species. The owner of the bottling plant, Jabba Desilijic Tiure, could not be reached for comment. Imperial authorities are investigating the matter.
  • Those cute little dwarf Maridunian phalones are all the rage with children this year as the hottest new companion animal for every family, but biologists with the Maridun ExplorCorps research station caution parents to be certain they are buying their new pets from approved vendors. The reason: to an untrained eye, mastiff phalones are nearly indistinguishable from dwarf phalones. These predators quickly grow to large sizes and are not suitable as pets.

Your Empire thanks you for choosing Holonet News for all your information needs as we reach for a peaceful and secure society.


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