Star Wars Firestorm

Imperial Holonet News, Peth Sector Edition, Volume D296-01

Galactic Standard Date 19/07/28 F.C.

The Only News You Need: HOLONET NEWS. Our top story tonight: Imperial Naval spokespersons have confirmed that the ISS Eradicator, a naval starcruiser operating in Peth Sector under the command of Captain Tevin Brask, was destroyed during a savage attack by Rebel Alliance terrorists. No Imperial Navy personnel are believed to have survived the attack. Rebel leaders quickly claimed responsibility for the act of terrorism, rebroadcasting holofootage of the attack on pirate frequencies in multiple sectors of the galaxy.

The press office of Emperor Palpatine issued the following statement on behalf of the Throne shortly following confirmation of the cruiser’s destruction: “Today we loyal sons and daughters of the Empire grieve together as one for the lives lost in this senseless attack. We honor the memory of the fallen just as surely as we pledge to bring justice to the parties responsible. No affront to galactic order and peace will be allowed to stand; this great Empire did not cave to the Separatist threat that almost ripped apart our great society nearly two decades ago, and it will not cave to this rebel insurgency now.”


  • Several other incidences of Rebel Alliance activity in Peth Sector also occurred this week, including a jailbreak at Defense Station Hammer—during which several dangerous Rebel terrorists were freed—and the murder of two Stormtrooper squads attempting to halt an illegal arms deal on Dennogra. Imperial authorities have cautioned citizens in Peth Sector to be on the alert for any signs of Rebel activity, and to report suspicious persons to a COMPNOR field office immediately. Insiders within the Imperial Senate, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the Imperial Security Council has recommended that a Moff be formally appointed to restore law and order within Peth Sector. Although no clear nominee has been put forth by the Security Council, said the sources, several names have been mentioned as strong candidates for the appointment. The current rumored frontrunners to serve as Moff of Peth Sector include Admiral Abraen Zsinj of Fondor, General Jeris Berkayne of Thyferra, and Captain Gilad Pellaeon of Corellia. The pronouncement of a new Moff is expected to be issued within the week.
  • The Botajef mitochondrial epidemic continues to spread across Peth Sector, with new infections reported on Celanon, Bandomeer, Ord Cestus, and Nez Peron. COMPNOR doctors are hard at work stepping up their efforts to quarantine carriers of the virus, and mitochondrial testing has now become mandatory for all travelers entering or exiting Peth Sector. Travelers are advised to allow extra time for screenings at all sector spaceports until further notice.

This edition of Holonet News has been brought to you by SLAMMO! Toys, producers of Bardo the Bantha®. Your Empire thanks you for choosing Holonet News for all your information needs as we reach for a peaceful and secure society.


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