Star Wars Firestorm

Imperial Holonet News, Peth Sector Edition, Volume D327-11

Galactic Standard Date 19/08/30 F.C.

The Only News You Need: HOLONET NEWS. Our top story tonight: An attempted Rebel terrorist attack was averted on Toprawa today by Imperial Navy forces under the command of Moff Jeris Berkayne of Peth Sector. Salik City authorities stated that a large group of Rebel insurgents in possession of protonic detonation weapons infiltrated the city’s sewer system with the intent of disrupting utility and communications infrastructure. Although the Rebels were neutralized by a targeted orbital bombardment, a Stormtrooper transport and Navy Skipray were destroyed by Rebels armed with high-powered ordnance launchers during the conflict.

Moff Berkayne issued a separate statement lamenting the need for the bombardment, which resulted in thousands of casualties in the effort to thwart the attack. “This war has taken far too much from the most loyal of the Empire’s sons and daughters. Bastions of Humanity such as Toprawa continue to suffer as a result of the pro-alien, anti-Imperial radicalism that this so-called Alliance fosters in an attempt to divide us and turn our citizenry against one another. But had we allowed this attack to go as planned, the damage would have been far greater—coordinated emergency response services would have ceased for hours, and protonic contamination of the city’s water supply could have killed millions. We always regret the loss of an Imperial citizen, and it is for this reason that this rebellion must be defeated once and for all. It is a trying time for our people, but we will continue to find the strength necessary to do what must be done in order to build a stronger, more unified Empire for future generations. My thoughts are with the aggrieved people of Toprawa this day.”

Further evidence suggesting an entrenched Rebel Alliance presence on Toprawa was brought to light today as the Imperial Security Bureau announced a successful raid on an underground complex which was recently abandoned. ISB agents recovered parts and munitions matching the specifications for single-pilot spacecraft known to be utilized by the Peth Sector Rebels. Many of the seized supplies were sourced to Alderaanian mercantile vessels which have been reported hijacked in recent months. Senator Orn Free Taa of Ryloth lodged a formal complaint against Alderaan in the Imperial Senate Security Council, accusing its government of staging the thefts to provide backdoor supplies to the Rebels and demanding that all Imperial trade contracts with the Royal House of Organa be revoked and reassigned to Rylothian companies. Senator Bail Organa framed the accusations as baseless, pointing out that the hijackings all occurred in systems where Imperial military engagements had left millions of refugees without homes and food supplies, and calling for a ceasefire and disarmament program to reduce further instances of such hijackings.

In entertainment news today, independent sources confirmed that the one and only Taleli Solari has joined the cast of A Man Above Fear, the new biovid of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. No one knows what role she will play in the biovid just yet, but the film crew and cast are making their way to the Peth Sector for the first stage of filming. What a brave and dedicated team to come along with her given the current state of unrest in the Mid-Rim!

Imperial MedCorps doctors believe that the Botajef mitochondrial virus that has ravaged Peth Sector for the last six months is now contained. Spaceport scans in Peth Sector have yielded no carriers for the virus in nearly three weeks. Immunologists working on a vaccine for the disease praised Imperial Stormtroopers for their thorough screenings of travelers throughout Peth Sector, and are confident that the vast majority of patients being quarantined at COMPNOR medical facilities and research centers will recover fully in due time.

This edition of Holonet News has been brought to you by Sienar Fleet Systems, manufacturers of TIE-series starfighters and luxury repulsorcraft. Your Empire thanks you for choosing Holonet News for all your information needs as we reach for a peaceful and secure society.


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