Ajyyn "Deadeye" Ellor

Duros pilot, gunslinger, and saboteur


A dangerous-looking character whose fingers are always a bit twitchy. His weapon of choice is an antique heavy blaster pistol that’s been passed down through his family.


Born on Feriae Junction, Ajyyn is the great grandson of a decorated Republic war hero, Sonas Ellor. A former spice runner, contraband smuggler, and hired gun for Outer Rim criminal cartels, he flies freighters and heavy assault craft (his ship is a stock Firespray called the Guillotine) and likes big blasters. He took the nickname “Deadeye” as an homage to his great grandfather when he made his bones with the Rebel cell he’d been working with on Dantooine, outgunning a half squad of Stormtroopers in a cantina shootout when they tried to corner him and a contact.

Ajyyn hates Imperials, especially recruited Stormtroopers (he has marginally more sympathy for clones, but they’re few in numbers these days); his former partner (both in love and in business), a female Bothan slicer named Cindes Gy’lar, was gunned down by Stormies for supplying food and medicine to an agricultural colony that the Empire was trying to run off a world they wanted to terraform and mine for military resources.

Ajyyn "Deadeye" Ellor

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