Taleli Solari

Holo-vid starlette


Taleli Solari is know to the public as holo-vid star in such movies such as The Crew of Dominance, Love Storm, and Between Order and Chaos.

She first made an impression in the galactic entertainment industry when she was cast to play a young Padmé Amidala in the biopic, Hidden Rule, that chronicled the early life, rule, and political career of the fellow Naboo. It’s said that Emperor Palpatine saw Hidden Rule and used his influence to jumpstart Solari’s career. Her career hyperjumped with lead roles on a consistent basis. Her most recent film, Between Order and Chaos, was a departure for the Imperial favored star as she wanted to expand her repertoire and play a villain, so she took on the role of Mon Mothma. Everyone is eager to see what is in store for Ms. Solari’s next role.

Taleli Solari

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