Star Wars Firestorm

Imperial Holonet News, Peth Sector Edition, Volume D327-11
Galactic Standard Date 19/08/30 F.C.

The Only News You Need: HOLONET NEWS. Our top story tonight: An attempted Rebel terrorist attack was averted on Toprawa today by Imperial Navy forces under the command of Moff Jeris Berkayne of Peth Sector. Salik City authorities stated that a large group of Rebel insurgents in possession of protonic detonation weapons infiltrated the city’s sewer system with the intent of disrupting utility and communications infrastructure. Although the Rebels were neutralized by a targeted orbital bombardment, a Stormtrooper transport and Navy Skipray were destroyed by Rebels armed with high-powered ordnance launchers during the conflict.

Moff Berkayne issued a separate statement lamenting the need for the bombardment, which resulted in thousands of casualties in the effort to thwart the attack. “This war has taken far too much from the most loyal of the Empire’s sons and daughters. Bastions of Humanity such as Toprawa continue to suffer as a result of the pro-alien, anti-Imperial radicalism that this so-called Alliance fosters in an attempt to divide us and turn our citizenry against one another. But had we allowed this attack to go as planned, the damage would have been far greater—coordinated emergency response services would have ceased for hours, and protonic contamination of the city’s water supply could have killed millions. We always regret the loss of an Imperial citizen, and it is for this reason that this rebellion must be defeated once and for all. It is a trying time for our people, but we will continue to find the strength necessary to do what must be done in order to build a stronger, more unified Empire for future generations. My thoughts are with the aggrieved people of Toprawa this day.”

Further evidence suggesting an entrenched Rebel Alliance presence on Toprawa was brought to light today as the Imperial Security Bureau announced a successful raid on an underground complex which was recently abandoned. ISB agents recovered parts and munitions matching the specifications for single-pilot spacecraft known to be utilized by the Peth Sector Rebels. Many of the seized supplies were sourced to Alderaanian mercantile vessels which have been reported hijacked in recent months. Senator Orn Free Taa of Ryloth lodged a formal complaint against Alderaan in the Imperial Senate Security Council, accusing its government of staging the thefts to provide backdoor supplies to the Rebels and demanding that all Imperial trade contracts with the Royal House of Organa be revoked and reassigned to Rylothian companies. Senator Bail Organa framed the accusations as baseless, pointing out that the hijackings all occurred in systems where Imperial military engagements had left millions of refugees without homes and food supplies, and calling for a ceasefire and disarmament program to reduce further instances of such hijackings.

In entertainment news today, independent sources confirmed that the one and only Taleli Solari has joined the cast of A Man Above Fear, the new biovid of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. No one knows what role she will play in the biovid just yet, but the film crew and cast are making their way to the Peth Sector for the first stage of filming. What a brave and dedicated team to come along with her given the current state of unrest in the Mid-Rim!

Imperial MedCorps doctors believe that the Botajef mitochondrial virus that has ravaged Peth Sector for the last six months is now contained. Spaceport scans in Peth Sector have yielded no carriers for the virus in nearly three weeks. Immunologists working on a vaccine for the disease praised Imperial Stormtroopers for their thorough screenings of travelers throughout Peth Sector, and are confident that the vast majority of patients being quarantined at COMPNOR medical facilities and research centers will recover fully in due time.

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Imperial Holonet News, Peth Sector Edition, Volume D296-01
Galactic Standard Date 19/07/28 F.C.

The Only News You Need: HOLONET NEWS. Our top story tonight: Imperial Naval spokespersons have confirmed that the ISS Eradicator, a naval starcruiser operating in Peth Sector under the command of Captain Tevin Brask, was destroyed during a savage attack by Rebel Alliance terrorists. No Imperial Navy personnel are believed to have survived the attack. Rebel leaders quickly claimed responsibility for the act of terrorism, rebroadcasting holofootage of the attack on pirate frequencies in multiple sectors of the galaxy.

The press office of Emperor Palpatine issued the following statement on behalf of the Throne shortly following confirmation of the cruiser’s destruction: “Today we loyal sons and daughters of the Empire grieve together as one for the lives lost in this senseless attack. We honor the memory of the fallen just as surely as we pledge to bring justice to the parties responsible. No affront to galactic order and peace will be allowed to stand; this great Empire did not cave to the Separatist threat that almost ripped apart our great society nearly two decades ago, and it will not cave to this rebel insurgency now.”


  • Several other incidences of Rebel Alliance activity in Peth Sector also occurred this week, including a jailbreak at Defense Station Hammer—during which several dangerous Rebel terrorists were freed—and the murder of two Stormtrooper squads attempting to halt an illegal arms deal on Dennogra. Imperial authorities have cautioned citizens in Peth Sector to be on the alert for any signs of Rebel activity, and to report suspicious persons to a COMPNOR field office immediately. Insiders within the Imperial Senate, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the Imperial Security Council has recommended that a Moff be formally appointed to restore law and order within Peth Sector. Although no clear nominee has been put forth by the Security Council, said the sources, several names have been mentioned as strong candidates for the appointment. The current rumored frontrunners to serve as Moff of Peth Sector include Admiral Abraen Zsinj of Fondor, General Jeris Berkayne of Thyferra, and Captain Gilad Pellaeon of Corellia. The pronouncement of a new Moff is expected to be issued within the week.
  • The Botajef mitochondrial epidemic continues to spread across Peth Sector, with new infections reported on Celanon, Bandomeer, Ord Cestus, and Nez Peron. COMPNOR doctors are hard at work stepping up their efforts to quarantine carriers of the virus, and mitochondrial testing has now become mandatory for all travelers entering or exiting Peth Sector. Travelers are advised to allow extra time for screenings at all sector spaceports until further notice.

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Only Passion

The blackness of space enveloped the cockpit of the Guillotine as Ajyyn “Deadeye” Ellor throttled the engine and steered the etheric rudders hard to port, orienting the patrol craft away from Celanon’s primary star. The Duros punched a series of coordinates into the navputer and then leaned back in the pilot’s chair, kicking one booted foot up on the console. For the fifth time that day, he keyed a button on the holoprojector and played back the footage Gutz had taken of the Eradicator disintegrating into smoke, sparks, and metal shards. Soon the holovid would be broadcast across several high-frequency bands in the Mid-Rim, and although the Imperial propaganda machine would try their best to lock it down, they wouldn’t be able to stop word from spreading across the galaxy. The message was loud and clear: Imperial convoys who blockade and embargo Alliance worlds would be targeted. Starving innocents and withholding essential medicine from member systems would not be tolerated by the Rebel High Command.

Ajyyn looked down from the projection of the star cruiser exploding into billions of particles and pulled a small holocube from his pocket, triggering the ‘on’ button with his thumb. A small beam of light threw up another projection, one far more beautiful and heartwrenching than the destruction of the Eradicator to the Duros: a Bothan woman in an oil-stained blue jumpsuit leaning against the duracrete wall of his garage, casually fingering a holdout blaster on her belt and smiling rakishly at the holocam. An image of a past that Ajyyn couldn’t bear to relive—and of a future that he would never have.

We got them, Cindes, Deadeye thought to himself. For all the damn good it does you now, we avenged your death.

“How many times you gonna watch that feed, Deadeye?” A cheerful, rapidfire voice chattered from the galley behind the Duros—the voice of Gutz Brym, the Sullustan pilot who’d filmed the destruction of the Eradicator.

“As many times as I need to,” Deadeye answered.

Gutz padded up to the copilot’s seat and flopped down unceremoniously. “These new operatives that Domir and Taleli recruited aren’t bad, ya know. Even if a lot of them are ex-Imperials. I figured at least half of ’em would be dead by the time we got this mission done.”

“One of them almost was,” Deadeye said, his fist clenching around the base of the holocube. “Next time I see Drak Ores, I owe him an ass-kicking.”

“For what?” Gutz asked in an uncharacteristically stern tone. “Doing exactly what you wanted to do? We all know what you had planned for Brask, and it ended with a blaster bolt to the head. Don’t kid yourself, Ajyyn.”

“Brask was supposed to be my kill,” Deadeye answered sharply. “I was gonna enjoy it. I wanted to tell him, you know. To his face. What he took from me. What I was gonna take from him in return. I wanted to watch that hope die in his eyes, like mine did when she…” The Duros trailed off, unable to finish the sentence.

Gutz reached over, placing a small, reassuring hand on the Duros’ shoulder. “I get it, bro. If someone had gunned down my man, I’d probably wanna do the exact same thing.”

No, you wouldn’t, thought Deadeye, his eyes clenched shut. You’re a good person. You’re not like me.

Neither man spoke for quite some time. Gutz, as always, was the first to break the silence. “Kinda weird when you think about it, isn’t it? 300 lives on that ship. Nearly 200 of them soldiers. And we killed them all. Snuffed them out in an instant.”

Deadeye’s red eyes shifted toward the Sullustan. “You knew what you were signing up for when Commander Domir sent you here, Gutz. This is a civil war now, not a demonstration.”

“I know, I know,” Gutz said sadly. “Those pilots and stormtroopers were here to kill people. Even if they think they’re just doing a job, they’re still wrong. We stopped a lot of bad stuff from happening today. Or at least, I hope we did.”

“We sent a message,” Deadeye affirmed. “That message is gonna get answered. Probably with more troops and ships.”

“More things to blow up,” Gutz said with a tilt of his oblong head.

“Damn right.” Deadeye turned off the holocube and put it back in his pocket, then hit ‘replay’ on the video console and watched the star cruiser blow up for the sixth time.

“So what now, Deadeye?” Gutz asked. “Brask is dead. His flagship is gone. What’s next for you?”

“I’ve been thinking about that,” Deadeye said. “Guess I’m gonna go look for the next fight. More Imps to kill.”

“Ajyyn, I like you…but you’re worrying me. No number of deaths is ever gonna fill that hole inside you, man. You gotta accept that, or it’s gonna drive you bonkers.”

“You know what the problem is with all these Imperial types?” Deadeye asked. “They don’t see the consequences of their galactic order on individuals. They say to themselves, ‘I had nothing to do with that person’s death; I didn’t know them, so it’s not my responsibility.’ It’s easy not to care about the faceless victims—those without a voice, the ones who starve in the streets or are murdered by Stormies in a dark alley.” He touched the holocube in his pocket again. “But you know who did care? Cindes. And they took her away from me. So now, I’m taking everything away from them. Brask’s soldiers are gone. His cruiser is gone. He’s gone.” He laced his fingers together and cracked his knuckles loudly as he grabbed the pilot’s yoke. “And we’re not stopping here, Gutz. As far as I’m concerned, they’re all valid targets now. I want them all gone, Gutz. Every bureaucrat and Stormtrooper, every transport and battleship, every Admiral and Moff—and if we get really lucky and live long enough to see it, their damn precious Emperor.”

Gutz sighed. “Want me to fly for awhile? You look exhausted, man.”

Deadeye shook his head. “Nah, I’ll take her out. You go get some sleep. It’s gonna be a long jump back to Toprawa.”

The navputer finished its calculations, and Deadeye activated the hyperdrive. The empty blackness transformed into a field of light around the Guillotine; true to its namesake, the ship cut through empty space like a blade through flesh.

Behind him, Ajyyn heard the whirring of servos and the sound of rubber tread scooting across metal flooring. The green-and-orange astromech droid the Rebels had rescued from the cruiser came trundling up next to the pilot seat. She beeped perkily at him; the familiar sound only made his heart ache more intensely, reminded him of days he couldn’t bear the pain of reminiscing. “Go away, H1E.”

The droid tooted again and scooted forward and backward briefly, bumping the arm of the chair and rotating her dome toward him to show her built-in monitor display. Basic scrolled across the screen. You can’t be alone all the time, Deadeye, it said. It’s not good for living sentients to be isolated. Cindes wouldn’t want that.

“Oh, what do you know about it? You’re a droid, not a psychologist. Now buzz off.”

I know she cared about you. That’s why she programmed me to look after you. You wouldn’t want me to act against my programming, would you? That’s devastating to a droid, you know. The display message was followed by a guilt-trip-inducing trill.

Ajyyn sighed. “Okay, fine. You can stay. For now,” he amended. “But pipe down.”

Imperial Holonet News, Peth Sector Edition, Volume D285-07
Galactic Standard Date 19/07/04 F.C.

The Only News You Need: HOLONET NEWS. Our top story tonight: Tense negotiations between Imperial authorities and local system governments in the Peth Sector continued today in the wake of Arda-2 Governor Marlen Prie’s decision to become a signatory to the traitorous Corellian Treaty. The Committee for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) issued a statement condemning all acts of open rebellion on Arda-2 and calling for the Emperor to assign a Moff to oversee Peth Sector—as His Majesty has done in more Coreward sectors where the Rebels operate—before law and order break down in the Gordian Reach.

Spokespersons for the governor of Arda-2 continued to express senseless outrage at the unfortunate enforcement raid that ended with the death of an Ardan alien dissident by Imperial Stormtroopers at a planetside refueling station. Captain Tevin Brask of the Eradicator, the commanding officer of the Stormtrooper squad involved in the shooting, reassured Holonet News that the matter is being thoroughly investigated. Preliminary reports indicate that the deceased individual was a known Rebel Alliance operative involved in a conspiracy to commit theft of Imperial property. Imperial Navy forces have deployed to engage other Rebel groups based on intelligence gathered during the raid.


  • Imperial MedCorps doctors remain hard at work in the Botajef system this week as they attempt to quarantine victims of a cellular infection that is ravaging the local shipyard crews. The disease’s incubation period is abnormally long, and doctors on Botajef have advised the entire population to undergo mitochondrial testing to determine if they are carrying the illness. The Botajef chapter of COMPNOR has taken the initiative against the disease’s devastating toll by opening an orphanage to house and rehome the children of those killed by the disease.
  • An Axxilan warehouse owned by the Czerka Corporation was targeted by a group of Rebel dissidents late last night. Single-man craft bombed the warehouse in a brazen disregard for sentient life; a ground-based team of Rebels then looted some 500 tons of Nez Peron produce and grain en route to COMPNOR Rehabilitation Centers from the warehouse. Imperial authorities on Axxila have asked that any citizens with further information about these Rebels or their whereabouts report to a COMPNOR datapost immediately for debriefing, and have promised immunity from all prosecution in exchange for cooperation.
  • A large shipment of bottled water that was distributed from Feriae Junction has been recalled by Peth Sector trade authorities. The water is advertised as originating from natural springs on Maridun, but appears to have been sourced on Ord Cestus, a planet known for nearly impotable water that must be treated before it is consumed by non-native species. The owner of the bottling plant, Jabba Desilijic Tiure, could not be reached for comment. Imperial authorities are investigating the matter.
  • Those cute little dwarf Maridunian phalones are all the rage with children this year as the hottest new companion animal for every family, but biologists with the Maridun ExplorCorps research station caution parents to be certain they are buying their new pets from approved vendors. The reason: to an untrained eye, mastiff phalones are nearly indistinguishable from dwarf phalones. These predators quickly grow to large sizes and are not suitable as pets.

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