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What Is Firestorm?

Peth_Sector.JPGSTAR WARS: Firestorm is a five-session semi-organized play program which uses the Age of Rebellion ruleset by Fantasy Flight Games. Players take on the role of Rebel Alliance agents struggling against the tyranny of the Galactic Empire in the Peth Sector, a region of the Mid-Rim south of the Gordian Reach along the Hydian Way trade route which is anchored by the Yavin, Dathomir, and Mandalore systems.

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About RTR’s Semi-Organized Play Programs
Semi-Organized Play (SOP) is modeled loosely on the concept for the Pathfinder Society. The season will be divided into five sessions of two tables each, and the participating Game Masters set the story arc for each season. The GMs will model their adventures around the story arc, building up to an exciting finish. Games will be one-shot affairs, allowing players to switch GMs each play session. Each game offered has its own unique experiences. Each table will have a set number of players, usually 3 to 6, to ensure that all GMs have evenly attended tables. We have partnered with Event Horizon in Garner, NC to reserve space for games every two weeks starting Friday, July 15th, 2016.

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Season One GMs

  • Jim D’Alessio (Showrunner)
  • Eric Allar
    Eric is a full fledged geek; he has the badge to prove it and isn’t afraid to use it. He’s a recent addition to the SOP group, joining for the latest season of RTR’s Contingent SOP. He’s new to the GM scene as well, and hoping to make an impression on all of the wonderful players in the SOP.
  • John Evans
  • Richard Moore
    Richard is a freelance designer and editor of RPG material, and has been an RTR organizer since 2010. He served as an ST for the first two seasons of RTR’s Contingent SOP and cut his GMing teeth in the Star Wars universe way back in 2003. It is his distinct pleasure to now return to a galaxy far, far away.
  • Will Prescott
    Will is a writer, artist, and Twitch streamer. He has GMed D&D, World of Darkness (old and new), and Unknown Armies over the past decade and is currently running an Edge of the Empire game. He’s been a Star Wars dweeb since he was a kid, but it’s been a while since he got to geek out over it until recently.

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