R2-H1E ("Honey")

Cheersome, helpful droid companion of a deceased Rebel operative


A green R2-series astromech droid with an orange dome and a big heart.


R2-H1E is a standard-issue Industrial Automaton R2-series astromech droid who once belonged to the Bothan slicer Cindes Gy’lar. When Cindes was executed by Stormtroopers for trying to hack into the Eradicator’s central computer and reroute some of their food and medicine supplies to an embargoed system in the Mid Rim, the Imperials impounded the droid, hoping to scrub it for intelligence on the Peth Sector Alliance. At the request of Deadeye Ellor, a Rebel cell infiltrated the Eradicator and rescued R2-H1E before destroying the cruiser.

Cindes personally programmed H1E with a female personality and refused to subject the droid to memory wipes. As a result, the astromech has developed a tenacious and helpful demeanor, characterized by a very cheerful set of vocal quirks when she communicates in audible Binary. This earned her the nickname “Honey” among the other Peth Sector Rebels. Although she currently remains in Deadeye’s possession, Honey is sure to turn up in other Rebel outposts in Peth Sector sooner or later, and is always willing to help out a team of Alliance operatives in need of a slicer or astronavigator if they’re short-handed on a mission.

R2-H1E ("Honey")

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