Voodwel Domir

Peth Sector Alliance base commander


Commander Domir is tall for an Ithorian, standing at 2.4 meters with dark red skin and deep blue eyes. She chooses her words carefully and deliberately, so that people do not question her orders. She is well-loved among her troops, who know that she would be willing to lay down her life for any of them.


Commander Domir has proven herself as a master tactician during her tenure with the Alliance. She is quick to help any members of the Rebellion who need her aid, and uses her guile to achieve victory while sustaining minimal losses. To that end, when she’s assigned missions, she often changes the parameters to ensure that her troops return alive.

Voodwel’s family was killed by the Empire when they took over the farming colonies on Nez Peron. Her family was willing to peacefully relocate, but the Empire’s xenophobic troops, acting under the orders of Moff Berkayne, killed them rather than waste resources to purchase the land and resettle the farmers.

Voodwel Domir

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